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GF Diamond 800-21700

The Diamond 800-21700 is a powerful backup torch which will fit in any pocket. Thanks to a maximum burning time of 6 hours, the Diamond will be a great fit for most of your dives. The Diamond 800 comes standard with 3 colored protection rings.

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GF Flexi II, Handle & Charging Set (Set F + H)

The Green Force Flexi battery packs are made of heat-resistant polyacetal (delrin) and have an overpressure valve. The durable NBR O-rings ensure water tightness. The Flexi is equipped with the TOS® system (Triple O-ring Sealing).

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GF Hybrid 8, Umbilical & Charging Set (Set H + K)

The Green Force Hybrid 8 is the best-selling battery pack in the Hybrid range. As an umbilical lamp, this battery pack gives you enormous freedom of movement because only the head of the lamp has to be held.

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Reliability, Flexibility and Durability

Underwater Lighting Systems that Meet the Specific Requirements of Recreational Divers

The modularity of the Green Force system allows one to modify or expand an existing configuration according to ones personal needs or according to changing diving conditions. The use of the Green Force TOS connection is standard on all Green Force components and allows a swift and easy combination of all these components. This Green Force TOS connection allows a twist on/off control and eliminates the use of any switch which can be a potential failure point.

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Green Force History
Green Force History

Green Force

Manufacturing Dive Lights since 1999

The first Green Force dive lights were released in 1999. These ‘Classic’ dive lights (GI, GII and GIII) were handheld torches and were available in halogen, LED and HID versions. The second generation of Green Force dive lights was released in 2001 and consisted of a modular lighting system, based on the Arrow NiMH battery packs and several light heads.

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Green Force Wants To Be The Brand Associated With Reliability, Flexibility and Durability.

With over half a century of experience in drawing, constructing and subcontracting spare components for the offshore, aircraft, nuclear and automotive industry, we manufacture underwater lighting systems that meet the specific requirements of recreational divers. It is our goal to continuously improve the performance of our products, using the latest technology and machinery available. We want to keep innovating and contributing to the safety and comfort of underwater activities.

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