Green Force Underwater Lighting Systems - Reliable Flexibility
Hybrid 3 KIT DB
3 in 1 Hybrid
3 in 1 Hybrid DPM
3 in 1 Flexi
3 in 1 Flexi DPM
3 in 1 Flexi DB
Equipped with:
Triple O-Ring Sealing
Hybrid technology
Hybrid technology
Hybrid 3 KIT DB


Green Force introduces the Hybrid 3 KIT with DB technology. DB technologie can automatically adjust the light beam and color temperature. This light head runs on batteries ranging from 6 to 18 Volts. This KIT is composed of a battery pack, a light head, an umbilical and a tank connection.

Download the DB brochure/instruction manual

This KIT includes:
• Heptastar 3000 DB light head (3.000 lumen)
• Hybrid 3 battery pack (charging set included)
• Hybrid umbilical
• Tank connection
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