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Heptastar 3000 DB
Equipped with:
Triple O-Ring Sealing
Hybrid technology
Heptastar 3000 DB
(Dynamic Beam)
Heptastar XPGH

The Heptastar 3000 DB is equipped with 7 LED’s and has a total output of 3.000 Lumen. As the power consumption is only 35 Watt (full power), extensive burn times can be obtained without losing power. As all LED light heads, the Heptastar 3000 DB is extremely sturdy and nearly indestructible. The Heptastar 3000 DB comes in stealth green anodized aluminium.

The Heptastar 3000 DB is equipped with DB electronics which can automatically adjust the light beam and color temperature. This light head runs on batteries ranging from 6 to 18 Volts.
Download the DB brochure/instruction manual

This light head is recommended for:
Wreck dive
Night dive
Cave dive
True colors
Murky water
Spot light
Available options for this light head:
Soft Goodman handle
Standard Goodman handle
Helmet mounting
Video arm
Technical information:
Type: LED - Voltage: 6-18V - Power/Output: 35 Watt/3.000 lumen
Dimensions: ø = 54mm - L = 90mm
Color temperature: 4.500-5.700 Kelvin - Beam: 9° to 120°
Weight (g): 225 - Weight in fresh water (g): 100

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